COVID-19 Resources



Policies & Procedures

Spring 2021
Updated April 1, 2021

Holmes Sports Center Hours of Operation:

On-Campus Residents, Essential Staff, & Off-Campus Student-Athletes during designated training periods ONLY:

Off-Campus Students ONLY (including off-campus student-athletes who are outside of their designated training period):

Pool Hours of Operation (On-Campus Students & Essential Staff only):

The Holmes Sports Center will be closed the following days:

General Sports Center Policies:

  1. Access is by reservation on specific fitness equipment ONLY


  2. Enter/Exit:
  3. All users MUST clean hands with hand sanitizer upon entry into Holmes Sports Center.
  4. Users may enter the Holmes Sports Center no earlier than 5 minutes prior to reservation.
  5. Users must exit Holmes Sports Center immediately following reservation time.
  6. Mandatory mask wearing at all times throughout the Holmes Sports Center
  7. All equipment sectioned/roped off out of use must NOT be used.
  8. Workout areas open include:
  9. Users must wipe down equipment with disinfectant/paper towel immediately after each use.
  10. Please bring your own water bottle. All Sports Center water fountains will be turned off per state regulation.

Policies for Simmons on-campus residents, essential faculty & staff, and Simmons off campus student-athletes during designated training periods only.

  1. Users MUST be "CLEARED" on CoVerified and show proof upon checking in. Users showing "RESTRICTED" on CoVerified will not be permitted into the Holmes Sports Center.

Policies for Simmons off campus students, including student-athletes who are outside of their designated training periods.

  1. Off Campus students must receive a negative COVID on campus 24 hours in advance of reservation.
  2. Upon entering the Holmes Sports Center, the off-campus student must present to the Front Desk a confirmation email from Broad Institute demonstrating a negative COVID test result
  3. All off-campus students must complete and submit the symptoms check form to the Front Desk worker upon entering the Sports Center

Pool Operation/Lap Swim Policies & Procedures

Lap Swim Hours during Homes Sports Center Operating hours:

Lap swim is by reservation only. Users shall reserve their 45-minute reservation using the Holmes Sports Center Acuity system:

Maximum pool capacity is 9 users in the pool at a time. No more than one swimmer per lane (including the shallow area behind the bulkhead) shall be permitted.

Locker Rooms:
Users must arrive in swim attire and bring all belongings onto the pool deck. Personal belongings shall be placed in designated, labeled spaces correlating with specific lanes.Access to locker rooms shall be restricted to restroom use only. Prior to entering the water, all users must take a cleansing shower using the portable on deck shower provided.

Navigating the Pool Deck:
Users shall enter the pool area through the door at the bottom of the balcony stairs. When leaving the pool area, users shall exit through the emergency exit door located next to the jacuzzi. Users shall follow designated one-way traffic patterns counterclockwise around the pool deck and maintain 6-foot social distancing at all times.

Face Masks:
Users are required to wear a face mask at all times while on the pool deck (except while swimming).

Training Equipment:
All users must provide their own training equipment. There shall be no communal equipment available (i.e. kickboards, pull buoys, fins, etc).

Users shall provide their own water bottles. All water fountains in the Holmes Sports Center will be turned off.

No food shall be allowed on the pool deck at any time.

Jacuzzi and Sauna:
Closed at all times.