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Paperwork for New and Returning Student-Athletes

If you are a new or returning student-athlete to Simmons University, you are required review and fill out packets that pertain to you.

If you are a new student-athlete you are required to provide a copy of your immunization records to the campus health center prior to participation in any athletic activity at Simmons University.


Secondary Health Insurance Policy

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Simmons University Policy on Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) and West Nile Virus (WNV)

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NCAA Sickle Cell Reporting Requirements and Information

1)           What is sickle cell disease?

Sickle cell disease is an inherited blood disorder resulting from the inheritance of two abnormal genes for hemoglobin, one from each parent.  Hemoglobin is the substance in red blood cells that helps carry oxygen.  The abnormal hemoglobin causes the cells to change shape or “sickle” under certain conditions. 


2)           What is sickle cell trait?

Sickle cell trait means that someone is a carrier for one copy of the gene that causes sickle cell disease.  Red blood cells contain some abnormal sickle hemoglobin, but most of the hemoglobin in each red blood cell is normal.  Sickle cell trait is not a disease and cannot become sickle cell disease. 


3)           What health complications are associated with sickle cell trait?

Sickle cell trait is generally benign and consistent with a long and healthy life.  It is not a barrier to participation in athletics, but under circumstances of intense exercise, heat exposure, and dehydration, athletes with sickle cell trait may, very rarely, be at risk for exercise-related sudden death. 


4)           Am I at risk for sickle cell trait?

Persons of all races and ancestry may test positive for sickle cell trait, but the trait is most predominant in people of African, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Indian, Caribbean, and South and Central American ancestry.


5)           Do I have to be tested for sickle cell trait?

The NCAA now requires that all NCAA Division III student-athletes provide documentation of their sickle cell trait status or sign a waiver saying they do not want to be tested before participation in intercollegiate athletics.  Incoming student-athletes (first-years and transfer students) must document their sickle cell trait status for the 2019-20 academic year.  All other student athletes are required to do so no later than the 2019-20 academic year. 


6)           Given the requirement for testing, what options do I have?

You have three options:

a)     If you have been tested previously for  sickle cell trait, you may submit the results of your test to the Simmons College Health Center;

b)     If you have not previously been tested, you may get a test from either your primary care provider at home or the Simmons College Health Center (617-521-1020).  If you are tested by your primary care doctor, please submit the results to the Simmons Health Center; or

c)     Instead of being tested, you may sign a waiver declining testing for sickle cell trait and releasing Simmons College from liability should you become ill (See below for link to waiver).


7)           How do you test for sickle cell trait, and how much does it cost?

A sickle cell test is a simple blood test that costs $40 at the local laboratory used by the Simmons Health Center.  It’s possible that the cost of the testing might be covered by your health insurance.


8)           How do I know if I have already been tested?

You should talk to your primary care physician to see if you have already been tested.  If so, you can request the test results and provide a copy to the college.  Testing for sickle cell trait/disease was included in infant screening blood tests in many places beginning in 1988, so you might have been tested at birth.  If you can’t find any information, consider one of the other two options listed above (see bullet 6).


9)           If I test positive for sickle cell trait, may I still participate in athletics?

The presence of sickle cell trait does NOT preclude you from participation in athletics.  Any student-athlete with a positive test will receive the appropriate follow up care and together with the Health Center and athletic trainers in the Athletic Department, a plan will be developed to allow for safe and healthy participation in athletics.  Positive test results will be shared with the athletic trainer and your coach, but will otherwise remain confidential. 


10)        Where can I view the NCAA video on sickle cell trait?

The NCAA video on sickle cell trait can be found at the following web address:   

Click here for the NCAA video on sickle cell trait


Contact Information

Results of tests performed at sites other than the Health Center should be sent to:

Simmons University Health Center
94 Pilgrim Road
Boston, MA  02215


Faxed to the Health Center at 617-521-3467


Please feel free to call the Health Center with any questions:  617-521-1020


If you choose to opt out of providing Simmons University with your sickle cell trait status you must read and complete the following wavier

Click here for the Sickle Cell Waiver