Welcome to the Simmons Softball 2016 Spring Break Blog!


March 6, 2015

Day 1: 

The season has finally arrived!  After a long flight, almost losing Coach Jamie in the airport and getting searched by the TSA (the TCBs and Juliet's cast) we made it to Florida.  All were exhausted after the flight and fell right asleep, right after the "immature yet fun house" had a strobe light dance party.  

We started off the morning at the International House of Pancakes where we joined together in song to celebrate the birthday of a stranger.  From a snow covered turf practice the night before, to a sunny and 75 first practice on dirt we could not be happier.  

After clearing the shelves at Publix, we got quality sun time when we all were locked out of our houses with our groceries.  We ventured to the pool and hot tub where we conquered the water slide.  As the day came to an end we all made dinner and relaxed to prepare for our game openers tomorrow!  Go Sharks!

--House 3 "immature yet fun house" (Best house)