Simmons Faculty Liaison Program

Program Enriches Student-Athlete College Experience

Student-athletes now have an additional level of support that links their academic scholarship with their sports achievements. The Simmons Faculty Liaison program, partners specific faculty members with individual teams. The goal is to build relationships between faculty and student athletes over their four years on campus. Faculty Liaisons will attend at least one home game and one team social event, such as a team dinner. Faculty Liaisons are also encouraged to participate in other activities with the team, such as engaging in community service, sharing readings on topics of interest with team members have meals with first years and captain leaders. Assistant Professor of Biology Liz Scott, Director of Athletics Ali Kantor, and Dean for Student Life Sarah Neill spearheaded the program, and CAS Dean Diane Raymond endorsed it.

By inviting faculty into the closeness of the team setting, faculty will develop relationships with the student athletes in an informal setting, increasing the range of resources for students. Faculty Liaisons (listed below), Kantor, and coaches will work as partners in assisting their student-athletes in all facets of their curricular and co-curricular pursuits.

“The goal is to assign every team at Simmons at least one Faculty Liaison, and more as the program strengthens,” said Kantor. “Our hope is that through this program, we will provide student-athletes an integrated learning experience, bridging their academic and athletic worlds, and promoting better communication and understanding between faculty, students and coaches. Having this level of support for student athletes will not only serve our current students, it will attract top scholar-athletes to Simmons. This is a retention and recruitment strategy,” said Kantor.

Kantor and Liz Scott, with some input from students, developed the list of faculty members whom Scott then asked to participate. Some of these faculty members are former college athletes themselves. The period of service for a Faculty Liaison is one year, but Faculty Liaisons are encouraged to serve for longer in order to build relationships.


Current Faculty Liaisons:


Crew- Donna Glynn, Assistant Professor, School of Nursing and Health Sciences

Cross Country- Justin Beebe, Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy

Field Hockey- Charlotte Russell, Assistant Professor, Biology

Lacrosse- Randi Lite, Associate Professor of Practice and Program Director for Exercise Science

Soccer- Jen Altreuter, Adjunct Faculty, Biology

Softball- Charlene Berube, Assoc. Prof. of Prac. and Interim Chair of Undergrad. Nurs., Nursing

Swimming & DivingElizabeth Scott, Associate Professor, Biology, Co-Director of the Center for Hygiene and Health

Tennis- Jyl Richards, Lab Manager, Biology

Volleyball- Rich Gurney, Associate Professor, Dpt Chair, Chemistry

NCAA Athletics Representative: Leanne Doherty, Associate Dean for Administrative and Academic Affairs